Book Review : English Heroic Legends

I have just finished reading this & an inspirational tome it is too, six short stories in the first part all based upon existing tales & poems like Deor which weaves into the tale of Heoden & Hild, Beowulf etc & brings alive new strands to the web.

The second part of the book looks at the original tales/poems, their crafting & histories & the inspiration in weaving new tales from the bones of the old.

If you enjoy losing yourself in a good tale then I can recommend this & if you write stories or would like to, part two is a bonus ( I may write the odd poem, I haven’t written a short story since school though which was a good while ago now, I might give it a go now possibly) regardless of which path calls you , in my opinion this is all a part of the great weave of the Bard/Scop/Skald – the poet & storyteller.