Druids, Badgers and the Underground ‘Fringe’

As the badger cull reaches its final few weeks, barring any extensions so that the horrific body counts can be achieved, I want to extend our admiration and gratitude to all who have spent time and energy protecting our native wildlife, in ways both seen and unseen.

Some of these people ARE ‘us’

The vast majority however aren’t.

It is not always enough to learn, and to practice our ways in isolation. The real task is learning how to apply our knowledge and experience in consensus reality. Not to have druidry as a hobby that we keep to ourselves within our bubble of familiarity.

Other cultures have also put a lot of work into reclaiming their own traditions. We can learn from them (rather than blatantly copying) how to reclaim our own traditions, and also learn from our contemporaries in our own society about how we can be in the world. Many of the social and societal functions of the druid are being fulfilled by groups we tend to think of as ‘underground’ or ‘fringe’, and do not consider themselves to be druid or even pagan.

We can learn how to live better by learning from many different sources. The pool of wisdom has many sources and many streams, we should drink from them all.

By ‘living better’ I mean better for all life that we share this time with, not simply improving our individual quality of life experience. There is a difference here…. The individualistic march to live better does so at the expense of everything else we share our world with. We are all connected…