Our eyes met at the side of the road.
Her bright eyes, button nose and that smile.
I drove past, “damn I should have stopped”
So I turned round, U- turn in the road, back to where she waited.

A pause in the traffic, no one would see
Me, as I ran over and scooped her up.
My arms full, the road empty, it seemed
as I noted her small feet, the gaping hole in her side –
The work of crows no doubt.

Into the boot, and off we went.
My car hearse for the day.
“shit I have no matches”, I thought
Unpacking the bag on the back seat in my mind

A quick stop at the village shop.
Banter, jolliness, a box of matches and a box of cakes
Then on, to the woods, silently unpacking at the gate,
Locking it behind me

I held her in my arms, she seemed so small.
Pink tongue hanging loose, tasting the new air.
Her white teeth in a beautiful smile,
Yet still her perfect feet caught my gaze, she weighed next to nothing.

Laid out on the altar in the woods.
Running now, running free
Candles to light her way
Smoking herbs to soothe her ills
A cup of water to quench her thirst
Wetting her mouth
I shared my cakes with her
One last feast to send her on her way
One last song to say goodbye
“spirit of the woods, help her on her journey”
One last prayer, and Awens three.
The lights went out, bar one, which burned on through the twilight
Into the darkness.