Mental Health and Interbeing

I came across this interview with Charles Eisenstein on the Ministry of Change podcast which was created to talk about mental health and what it means to be human.

Charles is not a mental health professional, he is a public speaker, but here, the interviewer, Marcus Pibworth values his opinion of depression enough to record this conversation.
There are a few points in the conversation that resonated with me as being relevant to BDO druidry and how I have personally benefited from it-
The first point being the story of separation that we live with today, that tells us that we are completely separate to the rest of the world, whereas the animist worldview is one full of connection and relationships with everything and everyone around us.
The next point is that our support structures are there to help you become a functioning member of society as it is, and if ‘society as it is’ needs to change, and if your purpose in the world is to help serve that change, then the support structures will not be your friend, and you will need alternative support structures that understand that society has an illness, and to adjust you to that illness will make you ill too, and from that viewpoint, depression could be a symptom of health, it could be a symptom of the soul’s rebellion.

Charles talks about the inner struggle as something that can break people, and how he overcame his struggle through his understanding of the deep wrongness with the way the world is and functions now, direct experience that the consensus reality and explanation of the world is wrong and far too narrow and limited, spiritual experiences, and encountering people who just lived in different ways, who didn’t buy into the mainstream model of life and success, and also seeing that people who did buy into the current system and and achieved conventional success, were not saved from sadness, from divorce, depression and addictions – their rewards were empty. That’s when the best medicine is a view of another kind of success, another kind of well-being, through spiritual experience, or something similar.

There is also repeated mention of listening to a call – which again, is the first line from the first branch of the Mabinogion

“Pwyll, prince of Dyfed, was lord over the seven cantrefs of Dyfed. Once upon a time he was at Arberth, one of his chief courts, and it came into his head and his heart to go hunting.”

Charles sees this as a call to initiation,  which is not to be rushed, but to be acknowledged and to take small steps when you are ready and to trust your own pace. To remember that you are an expression of life.  YOU ARE LIFE.