The Sacred Herbs of Samhain (book review)

The Sacred Herbs of Samhain – Plants to Contact the Spirits of the Dead by Ellen Evert Hopman.

The cover of this book is a most colourful & striking piece of artwork & within are some lovely colour plates of the varying plant life.

Throughout it’s pages the author looks at the use of herbs & plants in funery rites, communing with ancestors from various cultures, timescapes & weaves them into use for the purpose of Samhain, whilst at the end of the book there is a section entitled – Offerings for the Faries at each Sabbat.

There are some nice recipes throughout the pages for various incense, salves & edibles, jam, sorbet etc, they are made out in American measurements so correct conversion to your used measurements is required.

The author also wisely councils caution with the use of herbs etc & we would strongly suggest the same before inhalation or consumption of herbs & unfamiliar plant life, especially on medical grounds, to seek out professional guidance & care regime.