Whence the Awen?

Whence the awen?

Not hard to answer!
It rises from the very soil
From the dark places below the earth
From cave and tunnel
From rock and magma

It rises as a song
In the hearts of earthworms
In the telepathy of fungi
In the network of tree roots

It is heard as a song
From crickets in leaf litter
The joy of dawn chorus
And the sighing of wind

The beasts rejoice
The seas rejoice
Great rejoicing of clouds
And dancing of meadows

Who, in human form, receives the awen?

Now this is a question!
He who wakes in the dead of night
To the song of the soil
She who knows the warm and cold places
Darkness under the earth

He whose song humbly joins
To the chorus of nature’s voices
She who rides the currents of weather
That flow above the earth

Those who cut the tether
Release the kite string
Who surrender their spirits
To the deep unknown