Lighting a Beacon of Hope

Thank you to XR druids, pagans and witches for organising this.

Tonight on the eve of the election, a day after a flock of starlings fell dead from the sky onto a stretch of road on Anglesey, I sit with my candle as a beacon of hope.

“May the light of this beacon illuminate our path.
May the wisdom of the earth instruct and guide us gently to act with grace and goodness.
So that the beauty of the earth may shine it’s light into our souls”

(prayer provided by XR  Druids, pagans and witches)

I stared into the flame as it flickered and wrestled with itself, and saw trouble and unrest.

I spoke the words three times and let my mind wander. It went to the ritual landscape of Llyn Brenig, where the damming of the river drowned a valley and village to create a reservoir.

Before this work, archaeological work was done as a planning requirement and an entire bronze age ritual landscape was revealed.
The water did not reach up so high to destroy the history of the ancestors and it has been rebuilt. In this itself,  I found an analogy.

In one circle, completely paved with white stones, was a burial cyst, my mind went there. Inside the burial was found a single ear bone of an infant.

“We hear you” came as an answer to my prayer.
After I finished this ritual, I took this photo. My single beacon, my single flame was mirrored by others within the lantern.

There is hope.