Singing the Awen

To walk with you in my heart in the hills, oh beloved
Hearing your song dance through the forest
Each leaf a dancer, each whisper of wind
A song of love from my ancestors
Wisdom I discovered that was never lost
Eternal in the source of the rivers
Never-ending in abundance
In the home of the winds
Sweet is the harp, swift the bow strike
Inebriate my heart, struck deep within
Nothing can shake thy protection, beloved
Granted in love, three drops of blood
Fathomless thy strength, beloved
Rising eternal
Otters dance your praise
Moving with grace through glimmer
The kestrel sings it
Hawkspeed transforming
Ends to beginnings
Death is an abstraction
Eternity knows it
Enflamed with your love
Passionate with your inspiration
In our hearts with joy we walk with you, oh beloved
Bringing you from the hills, from the valleys and the forests
Rising from the land and in our spirits
In joy our heart, beats, drum, beats,
Never will I be lost to your healing
Granted strength and knowledge from deep
Transform within