Coronavirus and Ritual Experience

We are used to hearing people say that coronavirus will change us forever, and reading the many blogs suggesting how this will show itself in our daily lives..

Both coronavirus and Lockdown procedures could have an effect on ritual practices, for instance lack of privacy at home, lack of access to the outdoors, surveillance culture and online rituals.

This survey is open until June 14th 2020 and was made for the British Druid Order .
It is just a way of collecting thoughts and experiences to explore this aspect, it is not intended for commercial use or for any other purpose than curiosity about how this aspect of the pagan community has been affected by these unprecedented measures.
Results will be made available on the BDO facebook page and blog after the survey has ended.

There are text boxes included in most questions if anyone wants to leave additional comments, most of these are not essential, and only to be used if you wish to add additional information or insight that isnt covered by the question itself.

All data is anonymous.

The survey can be accessed here, surveymonkey estimates it takes 2 minutes to complete


Featured Image by Tumisu from Pixabay